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Nursing Homes In Little Rock Arkansas Are you looking for a living facility that offers therapy services for short term care? Premier Health and Rehabilitation Center provides award-winning care for patients who need short-term therapy- and are also dedicated to meeting the needs of elders who require long-term living arrangements.

Not all nursing homes in the Little Rock, Arkansas area offer short-term therapy services of the same level that Premier Health is able to. Their qualified staff members and therapists collaborate to develop a plan for each individual to address their specific needs, goals and expected outcomes.

Premier Health takes a lot of pride in being able to provide care that focuses on knowing the individual. This allows intensely personal healthcare that takes the physical, social and spiritual well-being of each and every patient into consideration. The staff Premier health assists their elders in achieving the highest level of independence from admission to discharge.

Short and long-term residents who have experienced strokes, falls, fractures, knee of hip replacements or other medical conditions that have inhibited their ability to function normally throughout the day will greatly benefit from the therapy services offered at Premier Health. Its at Premier Health and Rehabilitation Center use a number of advanced techniques to help patients improve their quality of life. As such, they are equipped to identify, correct or compensate for specific functional limitations of every kind.

The goal of all nursing homes, including those in Little Rock, Arkansas, is to rehabilitate to the highest possible level of functioning for each individual, and to maximize their quality of life. No where will you see this playing out more effectively, day after day, than in Premier Health. Their facility is able to provide the following two major types of therapy, along with several others:

- Occupational Therapy, to assist residents in relearning the daily activities of life, including personal hygiene, meal preparation, and homemaking. Therapists are focused on teaching residents the right techniques and the proper equipment to complete these tasks, while addressing cognitive, musculoskeletal and mobility concerns.

- Speech Therapy that focuses on improving deficits in speech and swallowing. The professionally-trained therapists at Premier Health help residents recover from strokes and other injuries that affect speech and swallowing. Working one-on-one with elders and residents helps them to regain functional communication, using a variety of methods.

- Physical Therapy
- Community Re-entry
- IV Therapy
- Dysphagia Therapy

Bring your facility checklist to Premier Health and Rehabilitation Center and find out why they have been rated among the finest nursing homes in Little Rock, Arkansas. Spend time getting to know the friendly and capable staff who will be happy to show you around.

If you’d like to learn more about Premier Health, feel free to visit online at where you can read about the recreational activities that are available to patients, amenities offered by the facility, services and much more. If you feel Premier health is the right fit for you, please call 501-955-2108 to get in touch with a specialist. Nursing Homes In Little Rock Arkansas
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